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I am delighted you came to view my photography. Allow me to explain a bit of who I am so it might serve  in deciding to hang one of my pictures on your wall.

My photographic journey started in the 1970’s with an Olympus OM1N 35mm film camera. Shortly thereafter I acquired a Mamiya 645 medium format camera.  I still have both of these cameras, and they work perfectly.

Those were the beginning days leading into years of learning the basics of photography: exposure, composition, depth of field, and so on. A time-consuming, tedious process  in that I had to remember what I had done with the manual settings because in the era of film photography one  had to wait until the film was developed to see the results. I subscribed to  the top photographic magazines, reading continually. To this day I still subscribe to magazines, as well as buying books and visiting websites, and advise aspiring photographers to do the same. 

After years perfecting my craft with film, digital cameras came along. I now have several Canons with multiple lenses. Advancements in technology translates to more to learn. For me, photography is a passion and an adventure that continues on to this day, and probably will forever.

Learning to truly see isn’t a process that ends. It is ongoing, requires practice and development to fully appreciate how even a picture you have looked at a million times can speak something new and fresh to you. That is the beauty of this life and of seeing via the art of photography.

If you decide to purchase one of my pictures know that you are taking one of my friends home with you. I strive to create living images that will continually speak something to the viewer. Rest assured that I strive to capture what I saw then edit these to bring you a visual journey into the wonderful world of photography.

Thank you, Steve Lathan

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