I want folks to know that when you buy one of my photos of any size your getting them for just a small amount more of what it cost me to make them for myself. Of course these prices can and do change periodically as the industry changes . I do this to make my art affordable  because I am a firm  believer in the wonderful things images do for people. I use Bay Photo to reproduce my work because they do not compromise quality.

I have 20 x 30 pictures in my house on the wall and they are like condensed versions of the real thing that speak healthy things to my heart everyday. This endeavor for me to share pictures is in no way a method for me to make a lot of money. When you buy one of my photos you are getting a portion of my years of seeing and a piece of my heart felt post processing. 

The photograph here is a wonderful example of such a rare time at Bernheim and has become one of my favorites. It shows that rare April snow caught in the morning in the open meadow with the breaking clouds and snow covered tress in the background.   I sincerely hope you enjoy looking at my pictures.

Untitled photo
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