Why photography matters .

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The word photography is made up of two greek words " photos " and " graphe " . Photos means light and graphe meaning  to draw. Hence many have defined the word photography as painting with light. Everything we see is due to the fact that light travels at 186,000 miles per second and enters into the greatest camera ever created ,  the human eye. We all to some degree or another see the exact same things a little differently . It follows then that every photographer will have a unique signature style of the way they capture images. 

I love the art of seeing and have spent many years learning to see and then capture what  I feel with my camera.  I have a passion for the natural landscapes around me and I have never really gotten over seeing this natural world. So pictures evoke feelings long after we have left a place. I find images are much like a good book , one that calls us back again and again to get more from it. To me that is why a picture printed and put on a wall to see holds a never ending value which can speak something new to us every day.

I have everything here produced by Bay Photo because I have been using them for forty years .Their quality is wonderful. Along with prints they offer many other things like mugs and post cards, to name a few. They are all easily reviewed on this site in the buying process before you complete it, so you can browse and exit out without commitment  if you so choose. 

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my work . I hope you enjoyed yourself and will come back as my visual inventory here grows.  Some of my favorite one are ones that I got on October 30th this year ( 2018 ) when Bernheim was truly in its fall glory. Have a great day !


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