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Sunlight and Shadows

Sunlight and Shadows

The greatest camera ever created is the human eye. Its ability to see and perceive would put the very best camera to shame. Yet, often through neglect and lack of exercise , it like all things, begins to atrophy and to lose much of its ability to see. If we believe , as many do, that the eyes are the window of the soul, it behooves us to keep the window clean. Bernheim offers many beautiful treasures to aid us in this endeavor.

Here we see the fall leaves lit by the sun and just as dramatically we also see the same sun creating shadows from the standing trees. This sublime wonder calls to us and welcomes us to breathe the cold, fall air and feel the warm sun upon our faces. To the far right, almost obscured, we see a small footbridge to remind us that we must enter in and journey on into the art of seeing, remembering humbly that if we ever arrive the journey will be over.