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Thank you for stopping by my Smugmug account to see my pictures. My interest in pictures goes back a long ways. I remember like it was yesterday seeing a picture of my father as a young man standing next to his 1927 Harley Davidson. I never knew what my father looked like as a young man since he had me much later in life when he was 41 years old. It was then and there that I realized the power of one picture. It was years later that I bought my first film camera an Olympus Om1n. A camera I still have and one that works fine. Off I went to learn about aperture, composition  and exposure . It was more difficult to learn back then because you exposed a roll of film and then had to wait to get it developed to see what you had done. I also developed an insatiable appetite for learning about photography. 

I fell in love with landscape photography due to its over powering raw beauty. I subscribed to Popular Photography and up until they went out of business reading them from cover to cover. What a great resource they were. It was a long journey to get to where I am now in feeling comfortable with my pictures. I of course embraced the digital era with enthusiasm when it came along yet was thankful I learned with film because it forced me to learn if I wanted to progress.

John Muir the great naturalist worked as a young man in a factory and suffered an eye injury. He almost lost his eyesight and made a promise to himself . If he recovered his vision he would never go back and he didn't. He walked out that door and took a 1000 mile hike into the natural world. He said " Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." I seriously believe that, I do. My home has pictures all over and I find they feed my soul. Enjoy my pictures and buy one if you want. You can also go make you own if you choose while honing your ability to see. Get out to a forest or park and see what awaits you. Remember to protect , love and care for our natural world.     

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