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Street photography by its very nature is fluid and moving, ever progressing as it unfolds. One must be engaged  and aware as it moves, so as to capture what is transpiring in one single release of the shutter. Composing in a fluid sense or posing movement is a good way to think about it I suppose. It is this movement that gives it a very real, organic and fresh aspect well worth capturing.  Just the opposite of using a cameras full auto mode.  Exposing many frames a second ,  often called the spray and pray method where one hopes to capture a correct image through rapidly shooting everything. I choose to see first, compose it as it unfolds and then release the shutter.  Being in control of the image as to regards to what your composing, to me has always been a better choice than trusting something so valuable to the capricious hand of fate. Yes like winning the lottery you may get lucky but the odds are not in your favor. 

I was looking for one image that to me captured America and in this I found it. Its America to its very core and essence. That it is centered in a small town voted the most beautiful small town in America by an independent Rand McNally Group in 2012 was a plus . That it was taken on Memorial Day was also an added bonus. That it also was a day the famed Gumball Rally 3000 chose our small town to come to is of also significant. Americana at its finest on display and to this there can be little doubt.   

I here saw everything coming together, as one gets the sense of movement, yet can feel the stillness of the crowd gathered to see the parade.  I wanted to enhance perspective so I raised my camera above my head. Although not beyond my sight of the image displayed so as to compose it correctly. This simple maneuver created effect yet it also created the feeling of looking further into the crowd.  Of all the fifty or so photos I took that day this one was the one for me that captured a modern day Norman Rockwell moment of America. We Americans love freedom and we love to gather for a parade.     

Surrounded by historic buildings that rise like monuments to a bygone era the culture of America still runs strong.  The flags hanging a testament to the many who gave the ultimate sacrifice to secure our sacred freedom. Not only our freedom but freedom for oh so many in lands throughout the world. The true religion shirt significantly more poignant than just a brand.  As it metaphorically depicts our true citizen - faith - creed. A creed that allows for diversity of opinion under the hollowed words of, united we stand. The green light fitting seamlessly into the image as it says onward we proceed.  We Americans may disagree on so many things.  Yet one thing we will never depart from, is that together we within our diversity stand as one ,we love our freedom and the country we live in that provides it.              

 Also in this photo even though faces and symbols are recognizable one does not need a release form since there is no inherent expectation to the right of privacy in a public place. Street photography then has earned a place in all the photographic  categories with its own challenges and wonders. Bardstown remains a wonderful small town. Amidst its natural beauty, its historic buildings , its truest resource are the people. Where Americana is alive and well here in Americas heartland within a town aptly named the Most Beautiful Small Town in America. 

                                                              Steve Lathan ©


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