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Growing up a surfer in Santa Cruz California I was in the water from eighth grade onward into my late twenties. From large reef breaks along the coast there I  spent almost every minute in the ocean. Sadly enough it wasn't until I was much older that I  first discovered probably the most beautiful place on earth , Yosemite. 

Pictured here is the sun going down in what is known as Yosemite Valley.  The Merced River runs through it and is featured here with the mighty El Capitan to the left. From its base to the top it rises a majestic 3000 feet. 

Although hard to process this mighty valley represents only 1 % of the total park. Our last twenty years in California we were only one hour from this wonderful place and it became our haven for all things nature. Our children all grew up hiking these trails and walking through this wonderful landscape. 

Of all the places my wife and I have seen  , in this country and out , we still would rank this place the most stunning of all. In winter or in summer , in spring or in fall it never ever fails to fill your soul with majestic wonder. 

Many times after my wife had worked a 12 hour night shift as a level III  neo natal R.N. at Valley Childrens Hospital she would arrive home to me assembling the kids for a snow adventure. Getting the kids ready, packing a lunch , and putting chains in my truck we would launch off into a blizzard heading to Yosemite. So when they advised stay home it will be white out conditions the Lathan clan was heading off for adventure and we were never disappointed. As my wife enjoyed a well deserved sleep we were out adding adventure to our lives in a winter wonderland with feet of snow.

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