Untitled photo

My wife and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary and I asked her a few days later , at the last moment , to throw a hat on for a garden picture.  So she grabbed the dogs and struck a pose. Actually after the  many years of me with camera in hand our whole family can accomplish this with remarkable speed and proficiency.   

I love people so the interface between these moments when extracting the power of portraits becomes most critical I can easily snap the shutter at the right time. Portrait photography like any kind of photography is its own thing requiring its own set of skills. 

The more I enjoy this picture and view it I begin to come to terms with what it is saying to me in the long haul. It says so much to me and make no mistake about it the ability to create an eternal on going story is one of the most beautiful aspects to photography in general.  With one image frozen in time a story is created filled with our deepest emotions and feelings. By the way one that only becomes more powerful and valuable as time goes on.                                 



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