Bernheim Fall Forest

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 Fall is a magical time filled with so many wonders for us to see, smell, touch, and feel. The yellow golden leaves filling the forest and the cool chill of the morning as the earth once again transitions towards winter. To the careful observer, it won't be unusual to see a squirrel collecting food for the winter. The birds also aware of the changing will be flying loudly declaring the wonder of it all.

 To the natural man, one may not see all the subtle messages here. Dwelling only upon the most common of observations before them. Yet I maintain that within His Creation there is a robust broadcasting system giving us messages of the Eternal. The Scripture declares as much as it boldly says, "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, " Romans 1:20 .

 Here I see so many messages applicable to us today. I see change being accepted and not resisted. I see a natural orchestration with such impeccable order. I see a carpet of golden leaves to walk on and behold the trees reaching up into the light. I see a bench for rest, to sit on, and reflect upon my life's journey. Fall is associated with harvest and rest for the coming winter. It also is a time for reflection where we can rest, reflect and abandon the meaningless encumbrances that slow us down on our journey home. Hopefully, we are all going somewhere and if so these waypoints within Creation are so essential to our existence.

 If this isn't a design by a Designer full of so many valuable waypoint resets , then we are left with the idea that capricious random selection,  in a system filled with chaos and entropy created this order. That somehow this all just happened, ordered itself and that entropy is of little concern.  Every design needs a designer and creation is evidence of His eternal attributes.

 In today's world where drama is so freely exchanged at grocery stores in isles and fought over in cyberspace, to be in a natural environment with so many illustrations of why we are here, where we are going, we would do well to invest our full senses in its abundant storehouses. It refreshes the natural man and the spiritual man alike. So whereas adding drama with its high level of toxicity to our backpack slows us down being here disarms us lightening our load. Filled with so much for all it would do us all well to sit on a bench and get enriched. From novice to advanced traveler along life's journey, as well as folks who don't even think there is a trail, nature and its restorative power along with its many levels of broadcasting waypoints offer us so much. The greatest question to ever stand before the human race is, who am I and where am I going ? It seems we are surrounded by a natural world screaming out the answer over and over again, year after year. The forest is calling and I must go, further in and further on !  © All photos and words on this website protected by copyright 2013 - 2021 Steve Lathan.

                                                      Music for the journey.
                                                                                                                 Silver Light

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