Many years ago with my Olympus Om1n and rolls of 35mm film I began my journey into learning to see. I still have the camera and it works fine. Frankly it was a struggle and at times was very frustrating. Subscribing to Popular Photography and reading all the books I could comfortably digest I made my way. Along that way I looked at many peoples work who were a lot farther down the trail than I.  I still hold them in very high regard and can always learn from looking at their work. Looking at someones work is the quickest way to evaluate where they are at. Its the quickest way to put your thumb on the pulse of what they do. It is also a way to learn . Being a subjective issue of course a lot of it comes down to personal taste. With that in mind I find for myself I feel you should be able to go to where my pictures have been taken and see what I saw. Lightroom is my dear friend yet I try to create what was actually there.  Below I have added links to the photographers who helped me immensely. Learning to see is a life long journey and viewing peoples work a very useful tool in understanding photography. 

Eugene Atget ( I got to see his exhibit in San Francisco in the 70's and his work forever changed me )

Ansel Adams ( A total Icon and trail blazer. A master behind the camera and in the dark room )

Galen Rowell ( A true photographer .We lost he and his wife in a plane crash tragically )

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